WOOD WORK Carpenters & Installers

Choosing the wrong installer or carpenter can be an expensive mistake. You need someone who you can trust, someone who's been around for years and knows what they are doing. You need 24 Hour Group.

Wood Work, carpenters, installers of kitchen cupboards, bedroom cupboards, TV units, vanities, counter tops (post form tops / caesarstone / granite), installation of doors / skirting and cornices, free standing cupboards & wardrobes, wall mounted cupboards & wardrobes, sliding door cupboards & wardrobes, walk-in cupboards & wardrobes, armoires cupboards & wardrobes and customised built in cupboards & wardrobes.

Wood is a timeless classic that can instantly add a wealth of warmth and style in any building, from home to office, to shopfront. Our carpenters are veterans who have been in the industry for years. They’ve built and installed kitchen cupboards, bedroom cupboardes, TV units, vanities and created all kinds of custom solutions to meet our clients needs.
We also handle post forms tops, caesarstone and granite counter tops along with laminate floors, as they often go hand-in-hand with these sorts of renovations.
It just goes to prove once again that 24 Hour Group is your one-stop all-in-one service provider.

Bedroom Cupboards

A bedroom should be warm, welcoming and stylish. One of the best ways to achieve that is through wooden bedroom cupboards.

24 Hour Group can assist with quite a few different takes on wooden bedroom cupboards, namely: 

  • Free Standing Cupboards & Wardrobes
  • Wall Mounted Cupboards & Wardrobes
  • Sliding Door Cupboards & Wardrobes
  • Walk-In Cupboards & Wardrobes
  • Armoires Cupboards & Wardrobes
  • Customised Built in cupboards & Wardrobes


Kitchen Cupboards

What modern kitchen is complete without stylish wooden cupboards. It is just as popular locally as it is internationally, because you cannot go wrong with wood.

Provide your own design, or bring us in to help design it for you. Different colours? No problem, we got you covered.

We handle both the construction and installation.

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Counter Tops

As beautiful as wood is, if there is one thing that can make it even more attractive, it would be counter tops.

Typically used to protect work surfaces in a very stylish fashion where extreme temperatures, wetness or direct impact from sharp or heavy objects would damage more frail materials.

Many modern kitchens and bathrooms can’t even fathom a design that does not include these highly reliable surfaces.

24 Hour Group can assist with the following counter tops:

  • Post form tops
  • Caesarstone
  • Granite

TV Units

If you can’t find that perfect TV unit in for your living room or bedroom, or for your boardroom for that matter, lets build you one.

Provide 24 Hour Group with the specifications, or talk to us with a rough idea and we will work out the specifications for you.

If you are going to spend money, its best to get the item that will put a smile on your face in the long run.


Never underestimate the role and visual impact of an attractive vanity. No modern bathroom is complete without it, and various bedrooms are designed to include them.

24 Hour Group can help with both the wooden aspect of a vanity, as well as the counter top if you were looking at something along the lines of granite or caesarstone.

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24 Hour Group’s skilled carpenters can make the most amazing things out of wood. If you need something new or unique for a specific application, or to just make something work that doesn’t quite fit a spot as intended, 24 Hour Group has you covered.

Laminate Floors

If you thought laminate floors was a dated and dreary solution to finish and protect your floors, think again.

Modern day laminate floors can be incredible pieces of ingenuity, shaped and styled to resemble any pattern or material, leaving you with floors that are as tough as they are attractive.

24 Hour Group provides a complete laminate floor service and solution that covers both the installation of new floors and the repair of existing floors.