SWIMMING POOL Installation and Repair

Don't take chances when choosing your swimming pool installer, or your pool could be leaking your wallet faster than water. Get it done right with the 24 Hour Group swimming pool installation, maintenance and repair teams.

Swimming Pool installation, repair and maintenance service for the residential, commercial and sport sectors. 24 Hour Group specializes in concrete swimming pools, built on-site and customized to the client's specification. Terms and Conditions apply.

Swimming pools are one of the most sought-after home additions in South Africa, as it turns our warm African climate into an excuse for a wonderful day outside, or for a very enjoyable workout for athletes and the health conscious. Adding a swimming pool to your property can greatly increase the residents’ day-to-day living quality and also serves as an ideal exercise platform for many health problems and physical rehabilitation programs.

Swimming Pool Construction

24 Hour Group specializes in Gunite pools, the tried and tested traditional concrete approach to swimming pools, which offers extensive design flexibility and a robust swimming pool with a long life span. 

In short, the swimming pool is excavated by hand with steel rods bent on-site to secure its shape. After various preparatory steps the Gunite is applied, which refers to the high-pressure spraying of concrete. The Gunite is then smoothed over to remove imperfections, and with the frame and shape complete, the basis of the swimming pool is left to cure for a few days.

During the curing period, any paving and mosaics are installed. Marbelite is applied last and a day or so after that, the pool is filled up by water and ready for use.

Swimming Pool Renovation

If your swimming pool didn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted it, you might be glad to hear that 24 Hour Group can renovate it.

Swimming pool renovation refers to a variety of changes that can be done to a pool after construction, such as:

  • Identifying and applying the ideal surface solution for your pool.
  • identifying and correcting design and structural faults.
  • Changing the shape and size of the swimming pool.

24 Hour Group can fix whatever went wrong during the initial construction, or take your swimming to that next level.

Swimming Pool Repair

Inevitably, you are going to run into issue like water leakages with your swimming pool. Whether it is caused by simple wear and tear, erosion from the elements or some mishaps during the initial installation, issues are going to pop up eventually.

The highly skilled 24 Hour Group swimming pool team has extensive experience with maintaining and repairing all kinds of Gunite swimming pools and will be able to quickly and effectively restore your swimming pool to its former glory.

Swimming Pool Coating

If you want to DIY your own swimmig pool, but need someone to just help out with the (usually marbalite) coating, or if your builder is looking for someone to outsource the service to, 24 Hour Group can assist with that as well. 

Just give us a call and we can make all the arrangements to come and do the swimming pool coating for you.