Painting & Damp Proofing

With countless painting and damp proofing projects under their belts, the 24 Hour Group painting teams have done it all and seen it all. With a critical eye backed by a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, a quick and painless experience is guaranteed.

Painting (Interior & Exterior)

Painting can be an unpleasant and painfully drawn out process for home owners. Over and above the hours of manual labour involved, the technical side of painting is easily underestimated. From surface preparation to choosing the right paint, there are many things that can go wrong and leave you with thousands spent, and little to show for it. The simpler, and far more reliable solution, is to bring in the 24 Hour Group painting specialists to do it once, and do it right. We provide the complete solution, from beginning to end, streamlined to minize the impact on our clients as much as possible. 

Damp Proofing

Damp is a problem than can creep up on even the best built homes, and can can lead to physically damaging the property and, more importantly, affect ones health. 

Fixing damp is unfortunately not as simple as just slapping a coat of paint over it. It require a professional assessment and the proper handling to repair any existing damage and mitigate the chance of any future reoccurence.

Fortunately for our clients, the 24 Hour Group’s experts have the equipment and know-how to make short work of most damp problems. Dealing with damp also frequently goes hand-in-hand with our painting services.