Electrical Repairs and Installations

Comply with regulations through 24 Hour Group's qualified and experienced electricians to ensure that your wiring is safe and reliable.

Fault detection, distribution board (DB board) installation and repair, rewiring electrical systems, installing and repairing power sockets, and installation of appliances and fixtures are all services provided by the 24 Hour Group electrical division, available to the to the residential, commercial, corporate and industrial sectors of Gauteng.

Electrical currents are dangerous to the human body, and incorrect handling can be fatal. If any work needs to be done to your electrical systems, please always make sure that you entrust it to competent and trained electrician who complies with all prevailing safety regulations and requirements. 24 Hour Group has teams of electricians who are skilled, trained and experienced and will now exactly how to handle the job you need them for.

Fault Finding & Repair

A properly functioning electrical system will ensure that all the connected devices and appliances have sufficient power to perform their task. This means that lights should burn consistently without flickering, appliances should work consistently without a dip or dive in their performance and that no sparks should be seen when electrical devices are plugged into an electrical socket.

If you see any of these signs it is always best to contact an electrician right away, as they could be symptoms of a larger problem.

24 Hour Group offers you the skills of professional electrical fault finders at highly competitive rates who can see to your problem very quickly.

Certificate of Compliance

COC's can be supplied on any DB board work, if required.

Distribution Boards

A Distribution Board, or DB Board, is at the heart of your property’s electrical systems.

Whenever you expand on your property or acquire any new devices which pulls more electricity that what you normally use, such as workshop machinery or a home office with multiple employees, it is always recommended to bring in an electrician to ensure that the property is sufficiently equipped to handle and distribution electricity in line with your usage.

At 24 Hour Group, our experts can do the assessments need, install additional DB boards or perform maintenance and repairs on existing DB boards to ensure that your have power for work and leisure.


Rewiring refers to the replacing of electrical wires of an entire property, or just a section thereof. A variety of factors can lead to needing to rewiring the electrical system, such as rodents, damp and exposure to the elements.

24 Hour Group is equipped to handle any size rewiring job, from a single power point to an entire building.

IMPORTANT: Exposed electrical wires are dangerous and should only be handled by a skilled and capable electrician. Exposed wires must be repaired as a matter of urgency to avoid any health and property damage.

Certificate of Compliance

COC's can be supplied on any rewiring work, if required.

Power Sockets

Unfortunately not every home comes with optimized power socket placements, especially in older homes that predate mainstream electricity availability. 

Whether you want to add more sockets inside your home, or some in the yard to more easily power hardware around the property, 24 Hour Group is ready to help. We can help with installing sockets of both the old and new architectures.

We also repair and replace power sockets.

Appliances and Fixtures

We would like to stress one more time just how dangerous live electrical currents can be. If you need to install an appliance that requires any custom electrical work or new fixtures that need to be hooked up to your property’s electrical system, please defer to qualified professionals like 24 Hour Group’s electrical division.

We install fixtures and appliances of all shapes and sizes, at very competitive rates.